Some businesses really do not require a huge investment or they could be done aside. It’s all about making a profit from the difference between the amount invested and spent. 


Nowadays it could be done from everywhere. A laptop, phone, good recruitment website, and platform must be enough apparently if you work in a low-competitive geographical area. I will give more information about this in a new post. Get a website and recruitment platform either by purchasing my ebook to do yourself or order a web platform

Check my recruitment course HOW TO BUILD A RECRUITMENT PLATFORM from scratch. 


The same applies to this area of business. There’s plenty of ways to find clients if you are a beginner even platforms where a simple registration will bring you, new clients. Just an example:


It doesn’t require a lot of overheads to be invested but it requires good skills as there’s a huge competition. If working for yourself you can allow lower prices than working in an agency. Check my pricing list for reference.


That might sound strange but this is a very smart way to do online trading with no investment at all. Basically you need a huge supplier who would allow you to find a market for their products and items and ship for you. The only investment would be creating a mobile-friendly online store and some advertising- either organic or paid.


This is very similar to dropshipping but involves creativeness. There are apps such as Printful, Printify and many more which allow you to design leggings, Tshirts, shoes, jewelry etc to sell to your community and not only. They print and ship for you.

Again, you will need only a good online store and knowledge, some passion to create and how to manipulate the apps.


Hairdressing will always be in high demand even because of the fact that our hairs constantly grow, not talking about the fancy coloring or hairstyles. It’s just amazing to ask someone to come and take care of your look at home. Word of a mouth really helps to grow clientele.


If you love cleaning and have got high hygienic standards this might be your thing, also good physical disposition and love doing repetitive activities could also help. Again, a good website gaining leads plus word of a mouth and organic and paid advertising could help.

Not much investment but excellent IT skills and experience, devotion to helping business and individuals are an excellent way to tap into this area.


Not a huge investment is required to gain a certificate and this job is really rewarding as you see your clients improve their self-confidence and bodies and apparently in the big cities a personal training session could cots a fortune. In order to succeed the personal trainers need to be organized, to have good communication skills, knowledge, people skills and a good website to gain leads and stay focussed. As they say: Stay focussed and hydrated! 🙂


If you already have got a van that’s a great way to earn from it. Helping people to deliver their goods and luggage could be very lucrative. It is competitive but if you maintain a good professional level could become your only one source of income, apparently in the big cities where is a lot of movement.


Some businesses tend to struggle due to lack of experience, flexible thinking or inability to find a solution of a problem, then they need sound advice and if you a competitive enough or can help them with getting to the place they would like to get to, they will pay you for it.


Learning a language would be always in demand, but this could be any other skill you can teach someone to. So many apps and technologies to connect with. You can even earn income passively by creating a video online course and sell it while doing something else. Again a good website would be required.

13. AIR B N B

Sharing your premises and gaining a profit is always a good idea. If you are afraid of sharing your private home you could also rent a business space or mobile desk for entrepreneurs or businesses. You will need again good advertising on this type of renting platform.


Every smart business would pay a commission for marketing their services and selling their products. That’s an extra income for them and also helps to improve their branding.


Most people want to adore pets, but do not have time to take care of them. So here you come, if you are a pet lover, that’s your place to be. Building a good relationship with the animal would be a huge success to find a lot of other its fellows.


Some people earn a lot by simply creating a logo and favicon. That’s a highly competitive area though, but competitiveness is always connected with demand, so do not afraid of it.

17. eBOOKS

Plenty of ways and markets to sell your creative thoughts: Amazon, Google, and many others. Once created it can always bring a passive income.

18. VLOG or BLOG

Even in the 21st century it still sounds strange but there are thousands of people who live on this income. If you have got outstanding presentable skills, you love the camera and you have got what to share and say that’s the place for you. Great way to make money out of your hobbies and not only.


I know someone who does this at home: repairs laptops, does this well and this is how he earns his living. It’s true that nowadays we don’t really care about our  gadgets , don’t keep them in good maintenance as it was years ago as the market is full of those, but still if you, for example, own a Mac , need a service our of business hours and urgently, guys like his are the ones to go to.


That’s a job with long term future and here even doesn’t go about deep treatments of people with bipolar disorders, but most likely about people with confidence issues, childhood traumas etc. The sessions could be done again remotely or face to face, both work completely fine.

This was my selection of 20 business tips that really work, please remember that for them all you need a professional image and a great part of it is having a great website.