I know there’s a lot of women who would say: “But how.. I am able to see through anyone who tries to play or deceive me.. I feel the vibes instantly and there’s no way this happens to me!”

But what is happening in the reality is that some of these women are been to that Hell already and this is how they learnt. It is not about who is clever enough or who is not or not anymore as the scammers could deceit even women that are strongly stood and do not usually loose the ground under their feet.

The trouble is how women love . Women love with their ears apparently if the feminine side in them is the stronger one. So they love to hear what the men have to say. This side of the women nature is highly exploited in the online dating scamming where random guys from Ghana or Nigeria (no intentional harm here, just statistics and reality proofs) try  their luck with women in most scenarios older, based anywhere around the Globe and then try to drag in intentional scamming schemes.

The typical way of doing that is to go to the social media and download all family photos of a person who looks like well off and put together. They download a lot as they need to send a lot in order to cover the moments in chat where this is required to show pictures from ‘their life routine’ or ‘memories they left at home’. Memories as a lot of them pretend on being on a mission, in a war, on a business trip and so on and so forth.

If you have never dated anyone online or have been involved in ( for example you have been in a committed and loyal relationship for a very long time and now you are alone and single and looking for someone to date), if your English is not your first language and you do not get the accents, if you are never suspicious , you are their perfect match.

Usually, the conversations are about money and love where they pretend to be on very high position such as CEO, doctors etc. So the idea is to sweet talk the victim and to convince her as they are not about the money , but because of her marvellous character or appearance!

A little bit like teenage love romance . Naive, sweet and from another dimension – definitely it hasn’t been in their life for a very long time.

Everyone craves love, affection and warmth and this is how in most cases strong women that didn’t have that from the person they love fell into the trap.

Once the fish is in the pan, the scammers come up with a “great plan” of how this ‘love” to grow and develop, how to become rich together and happier. Reading now this it sounds fun , but when heard by this been for long strong and unsupported women , sweet talked by this ‘ideal man of their life with a lot of possibilities and chances’, sounds as a bit of a naive chance.

And here they go – in most scenarios they ask for money to help their children as for example they are in a place they are not able to do so or they involve women in using their bank accounts for money laundry etc. A lot of ways it could play here.

Women, heads up! I know in these moments your intuition is just screaming , but you ignore it and … unfortunately there’s a lot of women who go for it.

What you have to do to prevent those:

    1. Ask yourself: have you had a video chat with this person yet?
    2. Check his accounts on gmail – account details – do they match? 
    3. Which chat app he uses : Hangout? Most used in this type scams.
    4. Why money is involved all along in your conversations and what money has to do with love?
    5. Have you gone insane to get involved in money related matters or services for a person you have never seen before? 
    6. Have  a voice call and checkout his accent. It talks a lot. 
    7. Checkout his orthography – it speaks loud – in most cases people with similar backgrounds make similar mistakes.
    8. The fact that they ask a random person on the Internet to help them out is just screaming loud for itself. 
    9. What expressions the person uses – do they match the position they lied you about!
    10. Remember : online daters are people of three main prototypes: 1.looking for real connection; 2. scammers; 3. players or cheaters. 

Wrapping up:

Dear Ladies, always listen to your intuition and remember that love and money there’s nothing to do with each other and look for the red signals . Keep in mind what has been highlighted in the post.


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