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Most people, believe it or not,  start their business not with the idea, but the name. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Visualizing your future is what is required to succeed. 


However, I believe that the first one should focus on the business idea and then come up with the name. In the recent past, people strongly believed that business activity should be included in the name of the company or domain. For example Joanna Recruitment /www.joannarecruitment.com. Nowadays it is more important to come up with something short, but very memorable and easy to write: Reed /www.reed.co.uk; Indeed www.indeed.com

I would like to recommend a list of free business name generators, which would help you to find out the best name for yourself. Behind the generator, there are hidden services such as opening an account or choose a domain but still a very good and creative AI way to generate the best option.20 FREE COMPANY NAME GENERATORS 3


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