Google Analytics code implementation in Wordpress website is not working? 4

Google Analytics code implementation not working



Google Analytics code implementation in WordPress website is not working? This is not the most pleasant situation, but not the worst I can assure you.

I never considered myself a technical genius, but reaching for help here and there and finally experimenting and having some experience behind help me find solutions.

I reached Google Analytics Helpline 15 times at least in order to track and see what is happening and been said that they (or the person I was dealing with these two days) do not see the tag as probably he assumed it was not properly implemented. To be honest, I dealt with this implementation  100 times at least so far and I know how to do this step by step. I responded to the GA rep with screenshots but he was not able to ‘read’ them and investigate properly as I consider as a bit odd. He was not understanding that the implementation was correct and was only referring me to the article on how to implement the code. It was fun as he along the way invented new names in GA implementation: ‘standard’ and ‘non-standard’: believe me I neither have heard them or applied any of those so far and I am sure they have not ever existed.

He left me speechless and helpless and wasting my time with screenshotting something which was obvious.

Then I returned to my hosting company, a big shoutout for them – as they used to give sound advice in many cases, but of course, Google Analytics does nothing to do with them and after reinstalling the SSL certificate I had to think about a real solution.

I installed the Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics Debugger as Chrome extensions, that didn’t give me much though!

Then I just decided to implement the code in the easiest way ( not through the header /head), just installed a  simple Header and Footer plugin and pasted the code in the header. And .. voila… the Real-Time in Google Analytics now started working! The Google Tag Manager was also able to find it.

Not ranting all of this here as to waste your time, but to give an easy non-standard solution if this happens with you. I researched and didn’t find exactly this info, so this one might be helpful.

Good Luck!

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