If you happen to spend time in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and you are a gym addict, this post is for you.

What I like most about the gyms in Bulgaria is that they almost always dispose of a spa area, regardless of the size. It could be basic with sauna and steam, or it could be larger with Finnish, Nordic, infrared sauna and different kinds of steam rooms, pools, jacuzzi, etc, so time spent at the gym is time spent well and fully detoxifying. Of course, there’s massage rooms, an ice room (Russian bath), hammam (Turkish bath), etc.

Being in the center of the Balkan Peninsula and having the longest history in Europe Bulgaria has been influenced by many other countries and cultures and therefore most Bulgarians probably can blend with any other cultures. The country is on 2nd place preceding only by Iceland in Europe by mineral springs (700 spread around the country) and probably that’s why Bulgarians so much love the water and all procedures related to it.  And last but not least let’s not forget the pricing it’s much more affordable than any other European spa and fitness center. The new fitness chains are very well equipped with cutting edge technology, haven’t seen such in many places in London. Quality good, prices fabulous. 


Well… I personally love this place. It’s very popular amongst youngsters and foreigner students. A lot of information in English and Bulgarian, so very easy to switch from one language to another regardless most foreigners already speak Bulgarian. The equipment is well working, haven’t seen anything broken or kept for long maintenance, modern, solid. It has a great pool, spa area with two Finnish, infrared sauna, salt room, hammam, massage room, my favorite boxing area with gloves and punching bags. On the website, there’s a link for a virtual look around 


I also love this fitness, this was the first one I tried. It has got several floors – each one with a different style, type, and personality: there’s a whole spa floor – amazing! with 10 types of saunas, steams, massage area, solarium, heated loungers, and large jacuzzi. There is a great fully packed protein and shake bar with a beautiful reception. Next a great training floor and a whole cardio one with the spinning area. A great variety of classes – top-quality instructors, diet, and nutrition specialists. I used to feel over the top when I  was a member. The only part missing for me is the boxing area – at least I haven’t seen one. Check their website – high-quality performance and functionality:!  Great for the price – no other European country has got these prices with this quality! Apparently their offer always comes with a first visit free trial. 



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