For ages, New Year has been the time when people all around the world believed that magic happens overnight as shedding the old skin and waiting for blessing to come.

Magic has a lot of names and for each has a separate meaning: some kind of financial gain, new love, reconciliation with old, finding justice,  romance of a lifetime, health improvement, pregnancy, and many others…  and last but not least finding a new career opportunity or not even ‘new’, but best career opportunity.

Thinking positively and gathering positive affirmations could really help in gaining good motivation and inspiration, but doing the job and sowing the seeds, seeing them grow is what that really matters. Living in the real world and not only in the 5th dimension, putting the efforts is what brings the fruits of your labor.

Well, you can believe that a certain chance is just around the corner and by a divine intervention a recruiter would pick your profile offering the best career opportunity ever…

But Have You Done The Job? 

As a recruiter and a person who spends 50% of my time on LinkedIn every day I see profiles that are incomplete, do not give any chance to learn about the skills of the profile’s owner, their experience, recommendations, what are they capable of and the profile states: Open for new opportunities. 

Keyword Search

You should understand that recruiters find by inserting keywords. Eg:  ‘Dutch speakers’ with ‘business acumen’. This search if profiles are done properly should bring all people who are not just Dutch speakers but their language level is professional and business. And this is what I need for my job.

LinkedIn Profile 

Have you got one? It’s a terrific idea to have an outstanding CV (CV is the label of your brand – your skills and capabilities), but having a LinkedIn profile gives the highest value and flavor of your brand.

LinkedIn nowadays is a free tool to be found in every single moment and offered a life-changing opportunity, but it only works when you did it well.


My practice taught me that CV has to be concise and straight to the point. It should not be extensive, regardless of the experience,  pay attention to density.  This doesn’t mean to shrink the content to font size 8! The minimum is 12.  It’s more about prioritizing the content.

Job Portals 

Your CV and  LinkedIn are the foundation but your ‘brand’ as content should be spread and delivered to all available locations.  Put yourself out there:

SiteLocationType of employmentNotes
AdzunaThe U.K.GeneralContent aggregator
AfterCollegeU.S.College graduates 
AlJazeera JobsMiddle EastGeneralBased in Bahrain (Jobs at Al Jazeera)
Canadian Job BankCanadaGeneralGovernment affiliated, connected to Working in Canada
CareerArc Social RecruitingThe U.S.General 
CareerBuilderU.S. and internationalGeneral 
CareerStructure.comU.K. and internationalConstruction industry 
CraigslistU.S. and internationalGeneral classified ads 
CV-LibraryThe U.K.General 
Dice.comThe U.S.Engineering and I.T. 
Freelancer.comAustralia, London, Manila, Jakarta, U.S.General 
GlassdoorThe U.S.GeneralIncludes anonymous employer reviews. Acquired by Recruit
GraduatelandNorthern EuropeCollege graduates.Based in Denmark
GumtreeU.K., Australia, and internationalGeneral classified ads 
Guru.comThe U.S.Freelance 
IAESTEInternationalStudents in technical fieldsNon-profit, based in Luxembourg
Indeed.comU.S. and internationalGeneralAcquired by Recruit
InsidetrakAustraliaGeneralContent aggregator. Part of Glassdoor.com
JobindexDenmarkGeneralContent aggregator
JobServeU.S. and U.K.General 
JobStreet.comSoutheast AsiaGeneralBased in Malaysia
KijijiCanada and internationalGeneral classified adsPart of eBay
LinkedInU.S. and internationalProfessional networkingAcquired by Microsoft on December 8, 2016
Monster.comU.S. and internationalGeneralAcquired by Randstad Holding
MyScienceInternationalScience and academia 
OodleU.S.General classified adsContent aggregator
PageGroupU.K.AdministrationFTSE company
ProvenU.S.Small and Medium-Sized BusinessesHiring tools for employers
Reed.co.ukU.K.GeneralEmployment agency
Simply HiredU.S.GeneralContent aggregator. Acquired by Recruit
SnagU.S.Hourly jobs 
SwissnexSwitzerlandScience and technologyProfessional networking resources, government-affiliated
TalentEggCanadaStudents, recent graduates, internships 
The MuseU.S.General 
TimesJobsIndia and the Middle EastGeneralSeveral industry-specific sites
TrovitEurope and Latin AmericaGeneral classified adsBased in Spain
Universal JobmatchU.K.GeneralGovernment affiliated, connected with Monster.com
USAJobsU.S.Federal civil service jobsGovernment affiliated
WayUpThe U.S.General 
Working in CanadaCanadaGeneralGovernment affiliated, connected to Canadian Job Bank
WorkopolisCanadaGeneralAcquired by Recruit
ZipRecruiterThe U.S.General

The Table is from Wikipedia

I borrowed this content /table from Wikipedia, but there are many others, local such as European, remote, UK, USA, etc that you need to search for locally and put yourself out there.

Finding a job is a job and you need to dedicate enough time on this

Process of Six Stages

    1. CV+LinkedIn
    2. Planting the seed on job boards
    3. Interaction with hiring managers and recruiters
    4. Interviews
    5. Research and preparation
    6. Getting the job


If you have got the ambition you have got the chance. But if you stay still and just hope and pray for the best, not doing the job,  won’t bring success.

In case of any help, get a free consultation in the form below, but also feel free to use the paid services.

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