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I never wished to talk about negative experiences on my website, but was just about to fell a victim of an internet scam and really willing to share how did I find out and what can we all do in case of having the same issue. I cannot allow myself some criminals to try to outsmart me with their poor techniques.  I was a victim of a bank fraud 3 years ago, spent 4 hours in the bank until I got my money back and I have got even a photo taken while waiting to connect with their departments and long holds. The bank managed amazingly to help me out and I am still really thankful. (the money is already spent, so don’t bother me with scams ha-ha!)


And even now I receive fraudulent calls, not able to answer the right time and to let them know what to expect next time when they dare to call. They are just filling my Voice Mail with junk. When calling back they do not answer. I have investigated their phone numbers and I know for sure that is a scam. I really desperately need to tell them that I am aware of this and if they continue to bother me 3 times a day I will do my best to prevent them from their fraudulent actions any further. I do not know yet how they do this but they do not leave their numbers (they change them each time) or maybe this is because I block them and their silly threatening messages fill my Voice Mail.

Enough for them. I wanted to talk about an internet scam I was just about to fall for. I am always so suspicious I don’t know why this time I slightly believed but as always investigated and found the truth out.

My friend sent me a link for a Facebook page for digital marketing and I was curious to find out what is this all about as I often participate in online training where I learn stuff. So I will not give exact links, domains or names, but I will try my best to help the others to avoid falling for the same.

Facebook page 

It was looking amazing! So many likes, so many comments (aka real) and a real person who is approaching with information, also videos of a real family from the Philippines moved to Canada for a better life. Wow! It was looking so real, 4 kids, etc. Then I was sent a link to the webinar.

Do not fall for a Facebook page which is so commented or popular. I would rather believe in a page that is not. Do you know why? As the interest in Facebook pages is not so high as it was years ago and secondly, all of those comments, likes could be bought. 

What made me really questioning and googling up the non-existing company was the replay of their webinar.  I noticed:

There was not a brand or company’s name. 

There was not a piece of information about the team. 

Instead of names and brands, there were powerful words as ‘success’ and ‘team’.

There were at least 4 redirections from a domain to domain, each of them with a totally different name. There was no coherence between these domains. 

There was no information on where this company is based in.

The family was looking still poor regardless of the claimed ‘success’ of about thousands they earn per month. I felt really sorry for them as I believe they were also a victim of this fraudulent scheme. 

The design of the websites was truly simple and a kid from the kindergarten could do better. 

The domains – really I did not spend time to see who it was or claimed to be and if these domains are three years old as they claimed to be on the market, but I am sure I could even find worse information.

Then I have done the research and found out other people talking about this and similar scams.

Next: the video testimonials. I was: “WOW! That works … oh wait.

The nowadays marketing’s biggest strategy is the videos. Videos and Youtube are the quickest way to market a product even from the comfort of your own home with no special equipment. And the scammers know this. These are people who are knowledgeable of what the market wants, they are probably ‘fallen angels’ or entrepreneurs who try to get rich quickly in a blink of an eye. Terrible! Regardless of how desperate you never lose your morals and high standards as this kind of ‘success’ is temporary and the deprivation of so many people is just sick.

So .. I checked the video testimonials and found out that actually there is an internet service where people do these videos for money. They do not know what are they talking about, they are been taken photos in places they have never been, they get false prizes and rewards… Just sick!

Are there any references on how to reach these people and to ask directly? No! As they got paid and tutto finito.

Watch a video of a scammer and what you will notice are marketing messages just like these:

Use the fear of scarcity: “Buy now as the discount is just now and just for you. Tomorrow it gets back to its’ normal price”

Trust: They are just not saying straight the storyline of their business, but drop it between the lines to believe them that they are well established and successful.

The system is revolutionary, unique and universal! : If  I can do this, you can do it! “  Let’s not fall for this, we all have got different skills and abilities and everyone’s good at something different.

(2020 update)

Having put you through my experience as a conclusion I would like to say that I just recalled myself a beautiful article I read on this topic – that’s really thorough research on the Internet Security made by my colleagues from Broadband And Search Net, so in order to know how to prevent frauds and stay secure online, go and check them:

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