Most people are unaware that in order to apply for a job in Britain the best is to use a British type of CV which is very different than American or European ones. It is very clean from a formatting point of view, very straightforward, doesn’t reveal much personal information and easy to write. For foreigners that is obvious but I am certain that most British people are also unaware of the fact their CV is different.

My personal preference is the British one as I find it fair to not to reveal much personal information, apart from contact details, it is clean and the top lines could be easily picked. I consider it as very practical and helpful in filtering the right bits. 

European CV format is a bit clumsy from my point of view, too many tables and information which is not needed when the employer invites you for an interview. Also, I find it discriminative to talk about marital status, sexual orientation, give your exact address of residence, etc. And as a person, I never was interested in knowing these details. Work and personal life should never be mixed. 

As a recruiter, I spent so much time reading large volumes of different formats and when it goes for work, best would be each of us to be more practical and deliver the most important information straight away.

Just imagine yourself a recruiter going through 50 applications per day (at least) and handling 10 jobs at a time. What the recruiter wants is to see the most important:

    1. the companies you worked with
    2. how long did you work for them
    3. what job duties have you been involved in: drinking coffee, watching movies… 🙂
    4. your education and certifications
    5. are you in the required area 
    6. when can you start 


That’s crucial in the prescreen and all that matters when the recruiter decided who to call. 

I am a creative person and like a lot of creative CVs but usually, I am getting easily distracted and catching myself contemplating. You can imagine how does this affect my work schedule .. ha-ha.. 🙂

So my advice is when you apply for a job, regardless of what position you are applying for, give structured info, keep creativity in a separate portfolio or website, please .. 🙂 

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