Everyone who deals with websites, marketing, etc enjoys having a lot of traffic. All of us we strictly investigate what’s happening to our content, who is reading it, what are they interested in, at which time of the day is most visited, which topics are most relevant to the audience, is the traffic direct, from social media or any other kind of source.

Google Analytics shows that all. That’s an amazing tool that helps to build better and improved content just based on regular observations.

For people worried that they have been caught in an embarrassing situation, I would rather say: Don’t worry, we do not see who you are, your personal data, etc. We can still see the IP though, where is it based, how many times have you visited and things like that. Should we wish to block an IP, that could be done immediately with our hosting provider?

But that’s really rare! We all having websites want one and the same – TRAFFIC!

Since I am very invested in checking my traffic and just, in general, I like investigation, I saw a variety of scenarios in repetitive traffic for example. At some point, I’ve noticed that these were the crawling bots of a company scanning all my pages regularly in order to come up with an SEO offer. That was strange for me at first as the bots were crawling from Brasil, the guy who approached me was Russian and based in the USA. But that’s the world of globalization! Companies nowadays are not in a particular area/s, but operate globally and from everywhere! That’s great freedom and privilege that business has nowadays as it allows us to save costs and maintain diversity.

I receive every day some traffic from Ashburn, Virginia, USA. But today’s culmination was just unachievable and unbelievable. I had 200 visits in less than an hour. I love it!

But why so much and who is that interested? 

The reasons behind that are not what I thought though 🙂 :

Ashburn hosts a big telecom center, from which companies as Amazon, Time Warner, AOL route their data.

70% of the worldwide traffic comes from Ashburn

Ashburn is the communication point with Europe

If for someone loads of traffic is a bothering momentum, there’s a straightforward way to cut it out. Should you wish to filter bots from real people, just simply remove the bot traffic in the settings. Hopefully, that won’t change the traffic to a desert. 🙂 Not removing mine. I am joking.

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