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Hello and warmly welcome!

I’ve been working with WordPress and building websites since 2011. I know it very well and as addition to it I have a huge knowledge on SEO , so your websites/stores will come full package. If you need training of how to use it or further maintenance I am always ready to support that.

I prefer to be fully professional and before starting the real project I suggest all my clients a live project , placed on subdomain , that they can see and feel how it works. It is absolutely free  – once we agree on the design and functionalities I transfer the website to their own domain and hosting . I could provide with guidance where to purchase from and give a sound advice on what’s the best on the market.

In terms of the design I would prefer you to give me some idea what you would like your website to look like and send me even examples of websites you love – I could take those parts you like and implement into yours.

Design is something really huge and fluid as a term and different people have got different perceptions on it, so on order to meet in between, please be more communicative and have and idea.