Google Console is  our best friend when doing SEO and creating websites. I spend literally 30% of my working time there, submitting new content and investigating the SEO ranking and keywords.

And you, you… if you are reading this post you might be extremely aware of how it works and what does it stand for so I am not going to get into any detail.

What I would like to help with is a problem that I had today and give you a direct solution as I am not sure you can find one while doing a research. 

 I have a freshly submitted website which I am working on at the moment . 

In comparison with other websites Google Console really liked it and picked it very quickly ( 1-2 days) and it helped me a lot to fully work on it. 

Along with the quick reaction of the Google bots, I have just received a quite disappointing alert that something is truly wrong with the site security. 

I always encrypt my websites regardless of their content so this was quite a weird message to have. 


If you are aware Let’s Encrypt had a recent bad experience with their own security and took them a while till they pick themselves up from it. So my first thought was that this issue is somehow related. 

I asked the hosting I work with and they confirmed. They scanned my website and found the reason – it was an image, actually really unexpected one – it was just part of the tools I am using – nothing really special. 

How to check and look for the culprit – use this website:

Then remove the uninvited guest to the party, go to Google Console, submit a request review explaining what you have done to fix the issue and wait for them to confirm. They will email back:


If you think that you should not get bothered with i icon with whom Google alerts everyone through Google Safe that your website is risky (regardless that is not) , you are on the wrong path.  All issues related to the security of your website could gradually compromise the reputation of your websites and yours as a designer, creator, owner, SEO or whoever you are to this website.

So in case of the same issue just follow this simple solution and restore the trust.




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