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DISCOVER The Top Digital Tools in 2020

by Bo

by Bo

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Digital marketing is the most important marketing strategy every single business should implement in their conversion strategies. This is a tendency that throughout the years has evolved massively and now reaching a culmination point, where doing without is inevitable.

The top tools that should be considered and used in 2020 are the ones we used before, but now vastly enriching our knowledge about them and functionalities.


Building a brand is like building a reputation: once should be aware of the digital footprints the brand leaves and how receptive is the environment on brand novelties and implementations. Here comes Brand 24 that sure can help any company to discover what people say about their brand and take real-time actions, engage in discussions relevant to your business with one click of the mouse. If you really believe in your brand and would like to build something solid, contact Brand24 immediately.


Canva helps really being creative in building your visual side of the brand and raising brand awareness.  It gives a lot of flexible ways of how to manipulate text, blend photos, alternate formats, etc.  It allows a high-performance sector and access to all available social media.


A tool specially developed for WordPress bloggers to build new subscriber lists. The most interesting plugin’s feature is the large variety of opt-in forms allowed to be used.

Zoho Social

It allows populating social media content with just one click. It allows to schedule posts, measure your social media activities, and engage your followers with quizzes and competitions. It’s been updated and upgraded recently for better UE.

This is a platform where you can connect with influencers, analyze their profiles and decide which once might be of usage. Influencer marketing is still taking a lead and vastly spread throughout social media.

Google Keyword Planner
A free online tool that allows reaching for most frequently used words and find the ones that might perform best. This is a vastly used major SEO tool used by everyone in the business.

Mobile Monkey Messenger Bot

They help deploy the content and answer questions asked by the users of your online platform or social media. It improves conversion rates.
It helps to analyze the organic search results, to compare your website performance with one of the competitors.
This is also a tool analysing the ‘heat’ of your content performance in a variety of ways. It has visitor recording, heat maps, scroll maps and click maps. There’s a large number of feedback form opportunities that help the users to rate the content and ultimately to improve it.
Google Analytics
It is the tool we all use on a daily basis and there’s no way to avoid those metrics as the core of our digital business. Google Analytics is the first instance we look at to check and rate the performance. It has multiple ways of implementation and usage such as apps, plugins, etc.
Highly recommended by top bloggers platform as it helps businesses to grow, apparently bloggers, eCommerce companies to reach and engage more audiences, to improve conversion rates and get more customers. A simple email marketing automation.

It is an amazing tool that converts blog posts into videos.

This a tool that helps any kind of online content creator to submit and transform their content into an ebook.
It is most commonly used to research the competition by inserting a keyword and finding out which of their posts were most popular. It is also a tool that can provide information where your content was mentioned and find the most shared content.
This is Neil Patel’s online keywords search tool that is free for use and allows you to find new keywords for your content, how hard is this kind of content to be written and also how to optimize your blog.

HubSpot Marketing
The most important feature of HubSpot Marketing is that is free to $3,200/month for enterprises, depending on your plan. It allows analyzing the user’s behavior, to capture leads and convert in sales. It is similar to Zoho, has got the same functions and functionalities. You can set up web formspopup forms, and live chat software for lead capture.


It is also one of the most popular online tools to do proper SEO optimization. Similarly to Ubersuggest, it allows seeing who is linking to your competitors to analyze the keywords, most popular pages and how they rank. The Top Pages tool can be used to create a post that will also rank and it was proven.

Rank Math

Rank Math is not as popular as Yoast SEO but more helpful. It is a WordPress plugin to optimize your content for search engines (SEO). It helps to create a rich snippet meta and add the proper keywords to be found on the web.

Google AdWords

Google Adwords is the most PPC (pay-per-click) and PPC (pay-per-call) to advertise your business on Google. One of the most effective but equally costly methods to advertise your business online and get results. Unlike Facebook and Instagram ads are based on how the selected keywords rank. Google Planner is the tool where you can research for free the keywords and select the least competitive suggestions.
Google AdWords is one of the most popular options for advertising your business on Google’s search engine results’ pages. Payment is based on either a pay-per-click or pay-per-call structure.

MailChip is a tool that already became traditional for any new blogger stepping into the market as really easy to set up and use.  It is an online tool for email marketing and social advertising automation. You can run and track campaigns in a perfect manner.


Hunter is a new, free, very helpful  tool for sales prospecting. It helps you find sales targets super fast by filtering out the technology they’re using. If you’d like to increase your sales in a quick term, this is your tool. 

Along with the major players in the business that promises a quick success and finding your business on the first pages of Google, there are some others, smaller, but very efficient and at lower prices. Here I am talking about a company called Top Placement USA that has been working hard in supporting and helping to fulfil their purpose – to find clients by finding themselves on the first page of Google within less than 6 months.  They build a solid SEO foundation that will bring persistently a longterm marketing success along with brand reputation. 




The online dictionary explains it as 

“uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence”

We all have out insecurities but with some people they are domineering. To feel insecure means to feel threatened , a major feeling of self-doubt , to feel yourself acting or feeling in inadequate way. 

There’s some health boundary though where it is normal to feel insecure as we all do, but there’s also a chronic insecurity that sabotage our love/intimate or any other relationships or even also our career or just in general success in life. 

The person who entertains insecurities willingly or even without knowing makes you feel insecure yourself. If you are a usually confident person and around some people you start feeling insecure and lose your focus means that this person projects their insecurities onto you. 

The insecure person likes to showcase their accomplishments as they need validation for their achievements, encouragement. They do everything not for themselves, but to be recognised by the society that they matter. 

Insecure person will not ever feel good in showing their body for example or doing something eccentric as they always think that others are gossiping about them, so their validation won’t be served. 

Emotional insecurity is a feeling of nervousness triggered by perceiving yourself as vulnerable and inferior in some obstacles, that threaten the ego. 

We all have our insecurities, but some of us have got them more than the others. Even the most successful people, celebrities they also have  got theirs. There’s a lot of cases of suicides that confirm this. 

Where do insecurities come from? 

Babies do not know insecurities , they are been taught having them. So the insecurities come from our upbringing, childhood, past traumas, the recent feelings of failure or rejection, loneliness, social anxiety, negative beliefs about yourself, perfectionism, or having a critical parent or partner.

Where this confidence or lack of self -esteem come from? 

In some cases from early childhood where significant people in the child life were highly critical , for example teachers or parents . Bad school or academic performance, recent relationship breakdown, financial trouble , stressful life are all causes of emotional misbalance called lack of self esteem or having harmful and vulnerable ego. Ego needs confirmations and reassurance much more in order to exist and performs well. 

What is the insecure person body language? 

( I recently spoke to someone and really got mad as she was not listening to me as I was talking to myself, but now I know she is struggling with tones of insecurities)

    1. Biting or licking lips
    2. Laboured breathing
    3. No or almost no eye contact as of the nervousness the person feels.
    4. Tucked chin 
    5. Low eyebrows 

How do people compensate emotionally for their insecurities? 

There are two main types :

    1. With being overly polite and nice, trying to please everyone. 
    2. With anger and overreacting, intense anger or even aggression. 

What are the most prominent signs of insecurities: 

    • Boasting – talking constantly about your achievements and looking for an affirmation and confirmation of how they and you are through them 
    • Controlling trying to control everyone and everything as this brings you some sense of stability and security 
    • Anxiety – the constant thinking about things and obstacles lead to constant anxiety and nervousness 
    • People pleasing – looking for affirmation without standing your ground just to be accepted by the society is something that insecure people always do. 
    • Perfectionism – you want to look perfect in the eyes of the others as you are constantly looking for their appreciation that feeds your insecure ego. 
    • Depression – all this overreacting and trying to fight with insecurities on daily basis leads to overwhelming feelings of depression and sadness as life in general is insecure, uncertain and there’s no way to please the world. 

How do insecurities come up in an intimate relationship?

People who are insecure in relationships are always worried that their partner would leave them or they will like someone else, they will find someone better. It gives them a great portion of anxiety, constant panic. And this is not really jealousy out of possessive feelings, but more out of fear. 

Here are couple of examples of how insecurities unfold in intimate or any other relationships: 

    1. Control 

The insecure partner always monitors who are you talking to , where are you going or with other words is obsessed with having control over. 

    1. Affirmation and validation

The insecure person would always need a validation and affirmation of their actions – did they do right and how does the other person feels about it.

    1. Aggression

If the insecure person doesn’t receive the validation of their ego they expect to receive they become aggressive as pleasing takes too much effort .

    1. Anxiety 

All those overthinking and strategising of how to get a validation from the other person lead to permanent anxiety.  

    1. Conflicts (Pointless)

Conflicts are triggered by any of the elements above or are their consequence.

How to heal the ego and have a successful relationships where you do not feel inferior : 

      1. Build your self-esteem by doing things you like and enjoy in life 
      2. Take compliments with pleasure, not suspiciously or second-guessing.
      3. Accept yourself or try to work on what you do not like.
      4. Find out the root cause of your insecurity and heal it. Use regressive hypnotherapy if this is really something major.
      5. Trust yourself, your partner and the people you spend your time with.  
      6. Stop overthinking and strategising, do whatever it has to be done and things will unfold naturally.
      7. Give your partner/friends space.Do not try to control them by knowing every single detail of their day. 
      8. Let go of the negative relationship experiences of the past
      9. Smile and reward yourself when you achieve something, do not wait for others’ validation. 
      10. Keep in mind that people are different and it is completely ok to have got their own opinions and ways of living 
      11. Do not expect life to happen in a perfect way is it doesn’t . 
      12. Do not expect from yourself to do all in a perfect way as that’s not possible
      13. Forgive and forget the past. 

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