If you enjoy learning from the mistakes of others, maybe you like reading about the successes and failures of big companies such as Apple, Nokia, Amazon, etc. We all love their stories as they look like fairytales: so many roller coasters, starting from the deep down and then ruling the world, firing, and hiring, tension, happiness, supported by a high level of emotional intensity… And all that in the name of just a business idea, but the idea that changes the world.


My Experience with Nokia

How Nokia went through being the number one technology leader to absolute loser we saw and experienced. I remember working as Technical Support on one of their lines in 2011 when they released OS Symbian.  I even had one. At this time I was so proud to have it as I worked hard for the money and they still were keeping high prices. It was not of course of the quality but the brand. As an average person, I was not really aware of what was about to happen before signing a contract to work for them. The year 2012 became a nightmare at work: clients who call and angrily explain that they are highly disappointed with the brand as it is difficult to operate with the devices, very bad software and hardware.

I remember that Nokia was so desperate when they released their products in Poland so they were giving them away for free just to catch up later on monthly contracts with the local cell phone operators. The company I worked for was actually an outsourcer for Nokia and I am not really aware of how much their profit was from Nokia but it was not so big as the equipment used on daily basis at work was faulty, slow and they were saving from the sample devices which had to help us to help the clients.

Nokia Now

Nokia is still not doing well regardless of their focus on slightly another type of business – telecom, they are still laying people off as they still cannot make up for this huge loss and bad decision in the past. Even now they are not progressing as invested not on the new internet technologies, but telephone ones, which are already behind the times. Lumia (OS Windows) was a bit better decision, but still, to me, the devices are not average people friendly, they have got good optics and that’s all.

What Actually Nokia Did? 

They chose the wrong software product. Android was released, but they chose Symbian which was hard to handle. In order to make Software Update one should’ve had been a Software Engineer:). I do not know do still people call on these technical support lines in order to ask how to handle their devices but what I remember that 90% of 80 calls per day were complaints. Nokia was forced to extend its Complaint Department in order to process the claims. And this is how the legend failed.

Nokia ignored the competition as they thought it was a minor player that they could smash with just one finger.


Never forget that losers could win and winners could fail. The success is temporary if you focus just on yourself and do not take a hint or learn from the others, regardless of their size or position they stand-i

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