I purposely inserted not just an image, but a slider with images as the beauty of this country is amazingly stunning. When I was looking for these pictures I was constantly thinking that they return the childhood in me and all fairytales about queens, princesses, Santa Claus, Lapland, the Golden Fish Make a Wish, Snowy Kingdoms, mysterious lights, mags, and magicians…

Amazed by the colors…Only people with art in their hearts can understand this joyful feeling to enjoy these beautifully set by nature watercolors.  It’s like visiting a made by Universe, especially for you freely accessible live art gallery. A gallery that also doesn’t stand still, but is also interactive.

“The UN’s seventh annual World Happiness Report ranks the countries of the world on “how happy their citizens perceive themselves to be” reports Yle Finland,
and for the second time in 2019, Finland took first place.

The question is why these people do not complain, is this a kind of mentality or a real feeling of happiness and fulfillment?

I always lived or visited countries where people are addicted to complaining so I decided to check why Fins are so happy, regardless of the snow, winter and high taxes and are Nokia and Vodka Finland what makes them a huge success? 

The first fact that really strikes off is that they seem to be socially transparent, honest, mutually acceptable, upfront and thinkers out of the box, the politicians take innovative roads to success and work on country welfare.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Finland was the poorest country in Europe, apparently, after World War II, so Finnish people dislike a lot of western countries aware of how to build from scratch and rate highly the value of human labor.

  1. The Finnish educational system is one of the best in the world.
  2. They invest in communication and IT
  3. There’s equality between female and male labor.
  4. High taxes bring extra quality services.
  5. An extreme level of quality and extensive reach out of day and child care subsidies.
  6. They have got policies for welfare, mutual trust, freedom, equality.
  7. Finland is the most stable and safest country in the world.
  8. They implement healthy work-life balance
  9. According to Transparency International, Finland is the least corrupted country in the world.
  10.  Finish society is equal.
  11. The best place for motherhood.
  12. There’s a paid paternity leave for the fathers.
  13. The word ‘sisu’ in Finnish means ‘being stoic and going through whatever comes in your life’
  14. Finnish people are very open to emigrants and this has been noted in the report too. Local people integrate foreigners with easiness and friendliness.
  15. Finland has been named the most stable, the freest and the safest in the world.

To me..  all of this sounds like heaven on Earth. I do not know any other country that hits home for so high living standard level.

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