First of all, I would like to say ‘Thank you’ to Victoria who asked this question on Quora as really pleased, I noticed quite a lot upvotes to my answer, so hopefully, my answer was helpful. This was my answer:

Dear Victoria,

Sure, but it’s upon the person, not the age. My mother is 62 and doesn’t speak even English but once explained she remembers and writes diligently down, she uses digital tools, translates online and learns. If there’s anyone who can teach your person, I am sure they will be ok.



Actually, my mother doesn’t do dropshipping, eCommerce or affiliate marketing but passed the Home Academy a lot of times 🙂 when first started working on a computer and using a smartphone. Since then she is unstoppable. Even now when I ask her to do research on something she easily navigates her phone and is very specific and particular in the results… something that I am not always.

My mother belongs to a generation that they were upbrought to diligently search for information in large libraries and be patient. Something that we can not now imagine. We just now ask Google and Alexa and even do not have the patience to see all results but just the first page of Google.

She doesn’t even speak English. She studied French and Russian at school many years ago, speaks still some Russian but never been taught English. Whatever she learned was from us, her children.

I remember at the beginning whatever I was telling her she was writing down in a notebook and then diligently repeating it all. She was ashamed and confused when she had to ask me again that she didn’t get it from the first time.

I know, I am aware that there is another type of people in the same age that do not get bothered to learn.

But as I mentioned in my answer – it’s upon the person, no the age.

I guess the focus of this answer is two important things:

  • personality
  • desire to learn and embrace a new path

I tend to think that she could handle a lot of things better than me once taught what to do.

Almost everyone uses the age for an excuse to be lazy. People usually say: “Oh… at this age none can teach me anything yet…”, “Oh at this age is too late to start going to the gym!’… Why? What about ‘this your age’? Embracing the power of new knowledge is like a rebirth. The hope, the outcome, the new skill you will apply for many years to come…  Going to the gym will return the smile on your face, release the stress and help your body feel better… How does age is an obstacle when you are in good health?

Being young doesn’t mean healthy or wise. It means just young. There are young people leading a hyper unhealthy life and not able to make a difference between OS Android and iPhone.

Elder people are even more curious to know because they appreciate these new gifts of the technology advancement that they never had. They can compare what it was and what is now. They can see the value.

They have got better customer service skills as they are used to see their clients in person. They always think before saying something about how it would affect the other person.

We are totally opposite, purchasing and selling all online, use a limited number of polite words, do not see and do not care who’s on the other side.

What elder people have got is called: A BETTER LEARNING STRATEGY.

On the back of their mind is always the thought: “I have to remember this!” as they do not have so embraced the habit of snapshot Google research. We are just so spoilt while they are clever, have got better-trained memory and learning strategies.

I knew someone who used to say even for basic questions that she would check in Google. Once she told me about her fiance and I asked her when did you first meet and started laughing (could not hold myself) as she was just about to say: “Lemme check on Google”. I was not laughing at her but just to all of us that we check even the birthdays of our friends on Google/Facebook.

So.. if you still had the patience to read this all, let me tell you something:

Embrace your fellow elder colleague, your mum and take them on a new learning journey at high speed. 

Or ..otherwise… embrace the power of this robot on Amazon, but not sure if IT knows how to do dropshipping yet.