ZODIAC SIGNS on Art & Creativity

The different sign have got different attitude towards art. 


Aries is widely known with his leadership skills and in the fields where his unique ways and independence take lead. Therefore the best for them is artist painter or sculptor.


Taurus is the one who best takes care of the house and home . The interior design is something that they have a natural affinity for. Taurus could perform well on the stage (Cher) or to become great architects. 


Geminis are known wordsmiths and masters , so they can really do well everywhere they can use words and communication. Their natural curiosity can be easily utilised  in content creation, investigation, journalism. 


Cancer have got a natural ability to do art and could really perform well as musicians or artist. They are also extremely good in culinary and could become famous chiefs .


Leo people are excellent managers, organisers, people in charge. They do not have natural art abilities, but could organise any type of art event and will ever be noticed by the public. 


They are every serious in love. Very fussy and pretentious looking for the ultimate partner. But  the interesting part is that they are usually prone to adventures out of the commitment.


Libras like the fine things in life, so they could become great artist, performers of any type, musicians, sculptors. 


Scorpios are the sign that is led by their mind and sexuality. They could easily become great writers.ZODIAC SIGNS ON ART AND CREATIVITY 4


Sagittarius have got a natural affinity to travelling and adventures, so every career related to travel could become successful for them. They are also famous with their ability to give good advice and teach, so writing pedagogical books could really be their way of applying their artistic endeavours. 



They are innovative and inspirational. Aquarius are not really interested in the art as a process. But they are really good in inventing new technology and tools.


Since Pisces are really good in creating illusions and have a great amount of emotions, writing , poetry is something they can really perform to-notch. Music is also something they could be extremely good at (Rihanna), apparently if they do their own lyrics.  

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