ZODICA SIGNS THAT Will Not Reconcile

Are you waiting for your soulmate to reconcile? Let’s see who of the star signs will not be happy to reconcile. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try… Do not get stuck only into the sun signs, the other placements are also important.


Aries prefer to start fresh and new things. Even if they feel sad it won’t take long. The new relationships attract them as magnet and they quickly will forget about the drama. Aries do not waste their time, so if you lose them there’s a big chance you lose them forever.


Aquarius is always on the lookout to do something new. Thus he forgets about the drama in life including separation with a loved one. He will get very busy and move on past through bad memories and tower moments. 

Capricorns are very determined in their goals. They do not like to take quick decisions with no thinking and thorough consideration. When they decide to break up, that’s for good. Their stubbornness would never made them feel sorry and to reconsider.  Reconciliation with them doesn’t work well.


Scorpios are back and forth: in one moment they can love you forever and in the second to ignore you completely. Having relationship with them is a challenge. if they feel even the least sign of betrayal separation with no drama is the best solution. They won’t accept any arguments and will not forgive you. Do not even try. 


Sagittarius do not like to go back in their life. They do not like someone forcefully to change them, this will lead to runaway. They won’t even share what bothers them, they will just run. So if you tried that, do not expect them to get back.

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